November 3, 2007

Finally finished!

The final steps on the tiki piece, at last. The first images are the BG pieces sewn onto the backing fabric, and the last few are the final images, with the tikis and all the other elements sewn into place. It was a long process, and I learned quite a bit. It feels great to be done, now onto other projects!


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

this is great leeanna. terrific work. Lori does a lot of quilting and cross stitch and I'm always saying she should try something a little less traditional.

an inspiration. well done!

Jeff Harter said...

Love these Tiki's, Leanna. I did a few drawings myself. I'll show you at some point!

lquinn said...

Leeanna, These pieces are spectacular. John sent me a link to your blog and I'm really glad he did. What kind of fabrics are you using? This is very inspirational.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Sorry I haven't replied back- we've been on an extended holiday vacation.
Thanks for the feedback, it was A LOT of work, but fun, mostly!

John- glad you like it, by the time I finished it I was so close to it I couldn't be objective about it, so I was a little disappointed in some areas- that demon of perfectionism almost wrecked it for me.

Jeff-I want to see some of those tikis! I'm thinking of doing more work like this, but I think on a little smaller scale.

Lori- Thanks for the compliment! I used a chocolate brown cordoroy for the BG, and various patterned cottons, and felt for the flowers and noses. On my other plush i started out only using felt (no sewing machine=using materials that don't fray!), but now I'm branching out into cottons and flannels. I'm thinking of taking a beginners quilting class so I can get even more used to working with fabrics and layers.