June 26, 2007

A Cool Cat

Smaller than most of his friends, Jonah more than makes up for it with his mega-watt grin. A hipster who loves all things modern and retro, Jonah is the "cool" one of the group. His favorite artists on his iPod are Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington.

June 19, 2007

Sweet Marie

Marie is a warm and comforting soul who loves flowers and nature. She is the ultimate nurturer, always ready to listen and give a hug. Marie is loved by everyone for her sensitivity and support, and especially for her homemade cookies- chocolate chip being the favorite!

June 16, 2007

Hello Seymour!

Despite his name, Seymour is definetly not shy or reserved. Confident, cocky and charming, Seymour is very popular with everyone he meets. He loves to hang out with his friends and see and be seen. His "How you doin' ?" attitude makes him a chick magnet, which he (and his buddies) truly enjoy.

June 15, 2007

Mitchell's move to Canada

One of Sam and Pete's first friends, Mitchell ("Mitch" to his friends) moved to Calgary, Canada in May this year. He's a free wheeling adventurous type, so was totally excited about the move and the chance to live in a different country. Mitch loves the scenery up there, but it's taken awhile to get used to the weather changes. It's quite different from where he grew up, but he's told Sam that he really likes it there. Although to have snow one day, sun the next, and then rainstorms after that takes a bit of getting used to! He's looking forward to going to the world famous Calgary Stampede in July, but is having trouble choosing the right cowboy hat. There's just too many to choose from.

June 13, 2007

Welcome to the World of Sam and Pete

So here they are, Sam and Pete. Two best friends hanging out on a beautiful California day. Sam (the one with the big teeth) likes life simple and uncomplicated. That makes it easy for Pete (an eternal optimist, a glass half full kind of guy) and Sam to get along. Secretly Sam loves going to the dentist and getting his teeth cleaned, although he says he hates it like everybody else. He's convinced that the ladies love a man with big teeth, while Pete is sure that they like 'em lean and green.