January 28, 2008

Cool creatures from Kenya

I found this fantastic Kenyan hand-knitted zebra while visiting the Seattle Art Museum. The Kenana Knitter Critter co. have a fun assortment of creatures, all made from homespun wool which is then plant dyed if necessary, and knitted into the animals. All the money the women of this village make from the sales of their creations go to help supply their families with the necessities of life. It was great to find such an appealing character sitting in the museum gift shop, and a bonus to realize that adding this zebra to my collection was helping out families in need. Hooray for plush! Here's the link to their website:

January 25, 2008

Mr. Collins, CEO

Mr. Collins has turned his early stock market savvy (he bought both Apple and Google stock when the companies went public) into a flourishing composting business that supplies organic gardeners throughout North America. When not at the office, he enjoys reading in his large library and occasional trips to the tropics.

January 23, 2008

Clara Clodhopper

Clara is the youngest of the Clodhopper clan of Bigfoot. Like all Bigfoot, Clara has a weakness for toe socks. Unfortunately it's rare to find two that match. As long as she can scrounge up ones with pink or purple in them, she's happy. Clara always has a flower with her because her favorite hobby is to go off into the forest and pick wildflowers to press into her journal.

January 15, 2008

The Tiki Boys

The Tiki Boys belong to a gang of tikis that like to call themselves "les Primitives". They meet on alternate thursdays and drink punch out of coconut husks while discussing cubism. The debates can get pretty heated, and they've been known to make it rain or thunder depending on who loses the debate.