February 25, 2014

Cutest sushi EVER!

I can't say enough about the enormity of the talent of my good friend and fellow plush-maker, Becky of Scrumptious Delight. She is a wizard with fake fur, fleece, vinyl, food, appliances, bicycles- you name it and this lady can make it into plush form. That's why I was SO exited to see that the secret santa swap box that came in the mail for me last week was from her!

Every year the Plush Team does a swap after Christmas, and it's tons of fun seeing what everyone gets. Here's what came in my box:

AMAZING, right?! Sushi is my favorite food, and I was squealing with excitement as I unwrapped the package and saw what was in it. Just look at those faces- and the wasabi and ginger put it totally over the top. Not to mention the perfection of the wood grained fabric for the sushi board. I love it! Thanks a million Becky for an amazing plush piece of art. It's fantastic and will have a home with me forever. :D

Now I just have to figure out the perfect place to display it…

If you want your own piece of amazing Scrumptious Delight plush, or just want to take a look at other pieces that she makes, head on over to her etsy shop, or take a look at her flickr page.

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope that Cupid pays you a visit!

I created my version of Cupid for the Plush Team's annual swap, which was Valentine's Day themed. I always wanted to create a Cupid plush, so this seemed like a great time to try. He's made from fleece, with various heart patterned cottons for his tunic, boots and in the inside of his ears. I created the bow and quiver from sparkly white felt, and made some teeny heart arrows as well. Instead of making a cherub-style Cupid, I thought it would be more fun to make him into a teddy bear.

This little guy winged his way off to Nini Cipollini, who is a newer member of the Plush Team. I'll be posting what I got for the swap soon- just as soon as I get some decent photos of the awesomeness that was sent to me from Scrumptious Delight- you're gonna love it- I know that I do! :D