April 26, 2008

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Billy, Gramps, and Milly love the taste of the grass and the sight of all the lovely flowers on the other side of Ted the Troll's bridge. Unfortunately this means dealing with daily threats of becoming Ted's lunch. Milly gets by Ted without being eaten because she is so cute, while Gramps convinces Ted he's to old and stringy to eat. Billy gets the brunt of Ted's hunger, but manages (if he can't outsmart him) to get past him by applying his horns to various parts of Ted's anatomy. You'd think that Ted would learn his lesson so he wouldn't have to go through this routine every day, but Trolls aren't very smart, and have really bad short-term memory.

April 18, 2008

Ted: The Troll-Under-the-Bridge

Ted the Troll demands a toll from everyone who crosses HIS bridge.
(that line sounds like a nursery rhyme. :) )
Anyway, if you don't want to pay his toll he threatens to eat you, so you'd better hope someone bigger and beefier is coming along the road behind you that you can convince Ted to bother instead!

April 11, 2008

A Quick shout-out to Crammed Organisms

Hey there! Just want to remind everyone out there that the Crammed Organisms Group Plush Show is happening in St. Louis in June, and they have listed all the artists participating up on their website, of which I am happy to say I will be one. Click their link under "Plush Goodness" to get to the site. The Little Match Girl, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, and the 3 Bears will all be off to St. Louis, along with a few others yet to be finished. Congrats to everyone who got in! Now back to work...