August 27, 2012

Comic Con goodies!

Forgot to post these- how silly of me. These are the spoils that Ben brought back for me from his trip to Comic Con this year, and boy was I excited to see them!

From left to right: Wooper Looper figure by Gary Ham, Rose Vampire in coffin car by Super 7, looper Cavey by A Little Stranger, Pink Gumdrop by 64colors, Freddie the Beetle by Bwana Spoons for Super 7, and last but not least, the Grim Marshall by Squibbles ink + Rotofugi for 64colors.

At least these guys didn't take up too much room in his suitcase. ;D

August 20, 2012

Old-Time Bather Plush

I was inspired to create these plush by the Plush Team's July/August Challenge, which was Beach Party themed. I decided to look at photos of turn of the century swimmers, and here are the results. You can find Cecil and Amelia in my etsy shop

while Edward and Priscilla can be found in the Plush Team's etsy shop.

Cecil St. Clair, at your service:

Amelia Beaufort is as sunny as her hair, and loves to sail and swim the summer away:

While Edward, or "Eddie" as his close friends call him, loves to comb the beach for sea glass and go clamming.

Priscilla James loves to sun bathe, although her fair skin burns if she's not careful.

If you want to see more beach party inspired plush, check out the Plush Team's blog and etsy shop. :D Enjoy the rest of your summer!

August 3, 2012

Adding to my Plush Collection- Again!

The plush collecting continues with these new additions to my shelves. Woot! :D

First off, we have the super-awesome Captain Weirdbeard by BOOM!plush:

I got this crocheted Octopus- with mustache!- from Jen of FuzFrenzy in the Plush Team White Elephant Swap at the Retreat this year.

 This adorable peach is from Nyssa of Lithe-Fider, also while I was at the Retreat. I couldn't resist!

The fabulous Diane of Cutesy but not Cutesy gave me these monster cupcakes- in two sizes, lucky me!

And last but not least is this totally cute (and so soft) knitted plush by blabla. Meet the Magician:

Okay- that's all. For now... ;D