August 3, 2012

Adding to my Plush Collection- Again!

The plush collecting continues with these new additions to my shelves. Woot! :D

First off, we have the super-awesome Captain Weirdbeard by BOOM!plush:

I got this crocheted Octopus- with mustache!- from Jen of FuzFrenzy in the Plush Team White Elephant Swap at the Retreat this year.

 This adorable peach is from Nyssa of Lithe-Fider, also while I was at the Retreat. I couldn't resist!

The fabulous Diane of Cutesy but not Cutesy gave me these monster cupcakes- in two sizes, lucky me!

And last but not least is this totally cute (and so soft) knitted plush by blabla. Meet the Magician:

Okay- that's all. For now... ;D

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