June 13, 2007

Welcome to the World of Sam and Pete

So here they are, Sam and Pete. Two best friends hanging out on a beautiful California day. Sam (the one with the big teeth) likes life simple and uncomplicated. That makes it easy for Pete (an eternal optimist, a glass half full kind of guy) and Sam to get along. Secretly Sam loves going to the dentist and getting his teeth cleaned, although he says he hates it like everybody else. He's convinced that the ladies love a man with big teeth, while Pete is sure that they like 'em lean and green.


Anonymous said...

Well everyone...I'm one of the lucky owners of a Sam original, although I won't be keeping it for long as it's going to the wonderful home of a good friend's 1 year old son, Elliott. I've seen the first hatchlings & they're all amazing & have super, charasmatic personalities just like Sam & Pete. So you may want to ask Leeanna to post more of them (cause yes Sam & Pete have a lot of terrific friends!) or request an original character of your very own! You won't be disapointed in the least! Fun blog my dear! Luv Barb

Anonymous said...

This lady doesn't like 'em with big teeth or lean and green .... maybe that's why I'm still single!