June 15, 2007

Mitchell's move to Canada

One of Sam and Pete's first friends, Mitchell ("Mitch" to his friends) moved to Calgary, Canada in May this year. He's a free wheeling adventurous type, so was totally excited about the move and the chance to live in a different country. Mitch loves the scenery up there, but it's taken awhile to get used to the weather changes. It's quite different from where he grew up, but he's told Sam that he really likes it there. Although to have snow one day, sun the next, and then rainstorms after that takes a bit of getting used to! He's looking forward to going to the world famous Calgary Stampede in July, but is having trouble choosing the right cowboy hat. There's just too many to choose from.


Anonymous said...

Leeanna, I like Mitchell but sorry to hear he moved to Canada. I do know he must have a good home in Calgary. It is a beautiful place to live. He is really cute and I'm looking forward to more 'friends' for Sam and Pete.

Stef said...

he looks like Ben. :)