February 10, 2008

Mr. Collins on vacation

Deciding to take some time off and beat the winter blues, Mr. Collins is currently in Hawaii. Time to recharge the batteries and sit in the sun on the beach with a tropical drink in one hand and his camera in the other.


tabatron2 said...

Hello Leanna! I am Tabitha, Ben's cousin. I was looking at your plush collection, and I do have to say its amazing! So cute, and I love that you have a story for each of them. My favorite is the newest, Mr. Collins. I hope someday to see them in real life, so I can appreciate the detail more. Keep stitchin!

Leeanna Butcher said...


Thanks! So nice to hear from you. I hope to have more posted in the next few weeks, it's definitely become a creative addiction for me. I hope you aren't freezing out there in Michigan!