May 3, 2008

Off to Crammed Organisms!

Phew! I had time for a quick group photo before everyone got shipped off to St. Louis. I'm taking a few days off, and then it's back to work. Thanks to Chelle for her timely computer assistance, as well as her tag fastening ability! :)
I had A LOT of fun importing and cropping my plush photos for hang tags/business cards on the MOO website, they measure approximately 30 cm X 70 cm (smaller than your average business card), and come in packs of 100. I can see how people become addicted to making MOO cards! If you haven't checked out MOO yet, now's the time. They are based in London, so it can take a little while to get your order (5-10 days by regular airmail to the States) unless you choose express shipping (1-3 days). The print quality is really good, and there's a nice matte finish to the cards.
Now it's time to go and get caught up on "Lost!"


Vince M. said...

Leeanna, these plush creations are beautiful!

Please help us save "Gum or Mints" by continuing to contribute. Your involvement is much appreciated.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks! It was crazy getting everything done in time for the show, but I made it.
As for Gum or Mints, I'll try- Terrell and I are in for more but it seems that everyone else has opted out. It's too bad, it was a great way to push myself and be inspired by everyone's ideas/styles.

herzensart journal said...

they are looking great :)

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks a ton, it was a great experience!