August 22, 2008

OK. Ok. No posts for a week...

Happy friday! I've been spending time with my visiting family, so no posts for the past week. I was cleaning out my sewing studio to allow my family somewhere to sleep while they were visiting, (which means no sewing this week, bummer!) and found this. It's the bit of fabric I use to test if I've threaded my machine properly and I thought it was interesting to note the progress through colors of stitches of the various projects I've been involved with since May. Starting from the left, are all the greens etc that I used on the Totoro piece, then the blues for Mega Man, the yellow/pinks/grays/black for the Kali project, and lastly the colors for Christopher Clodhopper. I'll have more posts and new projects after this weekend. So have a great weekend everyone!

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