November 4, 2008

Additions to my plush collection

This weekend we went and checked the "Monster Art Rally" show at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco. The show was amazing! Great stuff from some amazing artists. (Monster Factory, Anna Chambers, Intimidnation, 12PUNT3, Jellibat, Dan Goodsell, DGPH, and Heidi Kenney to name just a few.) I wanted to buy the whole show, but since I am on the "B" word ( "budget" - which is a total downer when faced with 3 huge walls filled with plush art...) I was really good and bought pieces that were totally different from anything I had, and fell within my budget. I will have the pics of the show up on my flickr tomorrow.

So here's the skinny on my purchases:
We love the sparkly vinyl look and colors of the pieces by Mycryptonauts
This one is called Azteca, and it's 8" tall.
The cutie on the bottom is a Mini Zippy by Eyebone and he's only 5" tall.
They are the first vinyl pieces in my collection, and probably not the last.

I'm deep into the Christmas gift manufacturing, so my posts will probably be sporadic- I won't be able to post stuff here because friends and family check out my blog- I'll post what's safe. Happy Holiday (okay, WHERE did the year go?!) shopping/creating to you all! :D

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