February 21, 2009

Fabric collage

I've been stuck with a horrible cold this week, unable to really have enough energy to sit at the machine and sew, which really sucked. There's only so much reading you can do, and even movies get old after a few days, so I decided to haul out my bag of fabric scraps and at least do something creative. I was watching the "Sex and the City" movie as I played around with the scraps, and found myself creating this shopping fashionista collage. It was a fun way to pass the time, and I'm thinking I'll do more collages in the future.

Oh yeah, and this is what Valentine's Day looked like around our house:

It was a good thing I had the chance to make these before I got sick. This was the first time I broke out the letter shapes, and I really like the way the letters turned out-the possibilities with words are endless- you could do words for any and all emotions. I wonder if anyone's ever baked "You Piss Me Off" cookies before? :) Oohhh, just think of the colors of icing you'd use for that! :D

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