August 14, 2009

PT featured artist- Emily of Follow the White Rabbit

It's that time again! Meet Emily B. of Follow the White Rabbit. Emily makes some of the best mohawk'd deer you'll ever see and in the most amazing color combinations. She also makes wonderful plush dolls, a small sampling can be seen below:

Princes Leia and R2D2: (currently seen at the Stitch Wars show)

Pierrot: (for the Mortal Plush show)

Madawaska: (for Stuff This II)

and the cutest Mini Ghosties you'll ever see:

Here's what Emily has to say about making plush:

"I hand sew plush toys from my own designs. I make woodland animals, dark creatures and frilly heroines. I'm an Animator, and have worked on movies, TV shows and commercials. I've been creating art since I could hold a pencil, but sewing is fairly new to me. I love creating 3 dimensional objects out of 2 dimensional materials. My Etsy shop's name: "Follow The White Rabbit" is a nod to one of my favourite stories: "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland". When Alice followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, she discovered Wonderland, a place where everything is curious, creative, and spontaneous, and filled with strange and wonderful creatures. :)"

Check out Emily's work on her etsy shop, and you can see the plush deer in person at the Chukwa store and gallery in Fullerton, CA. If you like custom painted vinyl toys, take a look at Emily's blog to see all the fantastic custom vinyl that she does.


Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog, Leeanna! I'm so flattered!!! *^_^*

Leeanna Butcher said...

my pleasure Emily, I love your work! :D