September 16, 2009

Feeling like Halloween

Meet Victor, Vittorio, and Witch Helga. Victor and Vittorio are vampire brothers who enjoy dressing up for a night on the town, while witch Helga spends her days trying to turn toads into princes. Unfortunately for Helga, she's not very good at witchcraft, so the toads simply turn slightly more good-looking.
These are a few of the plush that I will be adding to my etsy shop over the next while. I'm pretty busy with multiple projects, but I hope to add more fun fall/Halloween plush soon. For more photos of Helga and the vampire boys, head on over to my flickr page.


Jeff Harter said...


Jeff Harter said...

Tell your hubbie to call me!

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks Jeff- I'll see what I can do about getting Ben to phone you- he's a pretty busy guy though. :D