June 18, 2010

Lady Harriet and Sir William

Lady Harriet and her brother Sir William are intrepid explorers. They sail their airship wherever the wind takes them, be it Africa, Australia, or the Moon.

I had fun making these Steampunk rabbits for Maker Faire. I found an old faux-leather jacket at my local thrift store, and it seemed perfect for the ideas that I had. I also went to my local hardware store and found some bits and bobs that would work for their accent pieces, as well as raiding the bead section of Michael's for smaller Edwardian/Victorian looking hardware. It wouldn't be Steampunk with out the metal. ;)

Lady Harriet is made with a deep brown velvet with the faux-leather bustier, metal beading, and ribbons for accents. She is now available in my etsy shop. Due to the metal pieces, Lady Harriet is definitely not suitable for kids under the ages of 12.

I also used the brown velvet for Sir William's jacket, and found some really fun trimmings for his belt at Britex fabrics in San Francisco. If you live in the area and haven't been, their notions floor is to die for! I also used some gears and beads for his details, and the faux leather for his boots. I used a scrap of sari material for his vest. I had fun figuring out how to do his monocle- I really wanted it to be metal and not fabric- and I was lucky to find a great hoop that was the right size. He also definitely had to have a moustache!

Sir William has found a new home in Wisconsin, and I hope that he is off having fun new adventures.

This is what they look like on the back.

I'll have more new creations coming next week, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend everyone.


elvia montemayor said...

So beautiful!!! Love all of your plushes!

out of the frame said...

they are fab :) I love all the details

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks so much! :D