October 18, 2010

A different direction

For the past couple of weeks I have taken a pause in my plush-making to focus on sewing baby quilts for my new niece. Hooray for babies! :) Working with my sister in picking out the fabrics for her baby's room, we came up with this design for the crib quilt. I decided to add appliques that repeated the quail motif from the main fabric along the bottom to jazz it up a little.

We also picked out some flannels for a warm and cosy rag quilt, which I sandwiched in batting to add that extra layer of warmth for the cold winter months. It was labelled an "easy" quilt to make, which I suppose it was if I hadn't been fighting with my Gramma's 1964 Bernina machine, which hadn't been cleaned in who knows how long, and stopped back-stitching... At one point we ended up hand sewing seams. ;) But, after a few days of struggle, we got the quilt done. It took my sister awhile to hand cut the fringe along all the edges of the squares to create the "rag" look, but it was worth it in the end. The quilt took forever to dry with all the flannel and the batting, (and weighed a ton wet) but it is super soft and cosy, and everyone is happy with the result. Since my mom, sister, and I all sewed on it, it is truly a family made quilt, which makes it even more special in my eyes.

I'm back to plush-making this week, (although that doesn't mean I'm done sewing for babies- more just keep on coming! ;D) with new items coming to the shop soon....


Dingogirl66 said...

The applique looks awesome..I love that quilt.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks again Jolene- my sister was really happy with the way that it turned out, which was great! :)