December 6, 2010

Art Blocks for Ghana Project

This is the piece that I made for the Art Blocks for Ghana Project, which is a charity fundraiser that hopes to recieve enough money through the auctioning off of all the art donated to build a Children's Home in Ghana. I call my piece: "My Home and Native Land." The theme for the art was "home", and this is what came to mind when I thought about what means "home" to me. Living in the USA is great, but since I am Canadian and have all my family in Canada, I still call that "home," even after all these years. This was my way of trying to convey that in an art piece.

There are so many wonderful artists involved in this project that it would take me forever to list them all, but you can see their great contributions if you go to the Art Blocks for Ghana blog.

Here's a quick look at how I made my piece. It is made completely out of wool felt, and it took me about 4 hours to cut out all the varying sizes and colors of the maple leaves, I lost count of how many I actually cut out. If the photos are a bit fuzzy, I apologize, I was snapping them as I worked and wasn't paying too much attention to the focus.


out of the frame said...

it's lovely - must have taken a lot of patience to cut out all those leaves. They look so perfect!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Rowan- patience with cutting fiddly things isn't my forte, bit I persevered. ;D

Christian Robinson said...

What a lovely felt collage. I saw this piece on the art blocks blog, I was excited to see your work. What a great way to communicate your love for you home Canada.


Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks so much Christian- I loved yours as well!