January 28, 2011

Russian Christmas Swap!

Every year the Plush Team does a Secret Santa plush swap- and we do it for Russian/Ukrainian Christmas in January, since we are all usually swamped in December. I am finally getting around to posting the great new piece of plush that I received. I was really excited to see the package at my door from Zazu Faure, aka zfla on etsy. Zazu makes the most sophisticated animals, all from up-cycled wool, cashmere, or angora sweaters. I eagerly opened the box to find this wonderful double-sided Rhino and Maple leaf pin inside! I love how he has a calm side, and a jazzy side. :D The maple leaf pin is just wonderful. Thanks a ton Zazu!!

I couldn't resist taking some "artsy" photos with my iphone:

To see what other members of the Plush Team received in their swaps, head over to the Team's Blog, more fun plush get posted every day.

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