April 14, 2011

Plush Team Retreat- part 1

I'm back from the Plush Team's first ever Retreat, which was held in Luray, Virginia for 2.5 days. It was awesome with a capitol A! Our glorious leader, Marcy of Moons Creations, had the idea last year when a few of us got together on the West Coast to do the Plush Team's booth at Maker Faire. We realized that we needed more time to "talk shop" and just hang out and create, so the idea for the retreat was born, and a little less than a year later as many of the Team who could make it descended upon the good state of Virginia. (Which I'd never been to, and found beautiful.)

This is the log cabin where 17 women laughed, ate, and created cool plush:

And here's the view from the cabin out over the valley:

I took some video of the group of us sewing, and as soon as I get it edited, I'll do another post. For now, these are some still shots of the weekend:

From left to right: Zazu, Diane, Denise, Marcy, Kaeti, and Inga- sewing and button making.

Jessica needle felting a bunch of eyeballs while Chris sews a boxing glove.

Susan, Denise, Marcy, and Mary waiting for the White Elephant Swap to begin...

And here's a group shot just before the swap started:

The White Elephant swap was fun, everyone came away with a new plush creation from another Team member to add to their collection. Which reminds me, I will have to do a post that shows all the cool plush swag I got from the retreat...woohoo! New plush! ;D

Lastly, we have a photo of the much anticipated Taco Night- just one of the many amazing meals we had while we were there. These women know how to cook! I will be emailing the cooks for all the great recipes, that's for sure.

We even had time to go to a few flea markets, drive over a covered bridge (the oldest and longest in the state of Virginia- super cool), and see the famous Luray Caverns, which were fantastic.

I'll post about my new plush goodies soon, and see if I can figure out how to post a video to my blog...

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