September 17, 2012

Babies, babies, babies!

After a hectic few months of summer filled with all sorts of non-plush related stuff, I am back plush-making like a demon to make up for all the time missed. What has all that got to do with babies, you say? Well, I have been busy making a few baby gifts, among other plush goodies.

First off I made a few bibs for each new mom, since you can never have too many bibs once the baby starts eating semi-solid and solid foods, right? These are made from fun cotton prints, with a pocket for holding a washcloth or binky.

I also made these plush bunnies for the lovely Sally, who had her beautiful baby girl last week. Sally asked me to create a bunny that had the baby's initials on it somewhere:

She's made from soft fleece, with cottons for her dress, and a super-soft corduroy for her sweater. No buttons or any choking hazards on either of the bunnies, of course.

I also created a smaller, rag doll type bunny to give to the baby right away, out of lovely fleece and flannels for softness and hug-ability. :)

For the wonderful Marcy, I made these bibs. I loooved these prints and bought them especially with Marcy in mind:

and a version of my Lime Bear:

Congratulations to both of the new moms! 

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