October 11, 2013

PlushYou! show opens tonight!

It's that time of year again! Hooray for the annual plush art show curated and hosted by the awesome Kristen of Schmancy Toys in Seattle.

Here are the pieces that I created for the show- inspired by the beautiful flower gardens in the neighborhood were I walk the dog every day. These two girls are Flower Sprites- those beings responsible for making your garden blossom and bloom into something wonderful.

Bloom and Blossom
 Bloom is more excitable than her sister, Blossom. She really gets into her job turning the small blossoms into full-fledged and beautiful flowers.

I wanted the forms and clothing to evoke the organic shapes of flowers and buds. Blossom is made from fleece, with felt facial features and flower in her hair. Her clothing is made from patterned cottons, and she has felt leaves growing from her arms and legs.

 Bloom's skirt is not only removable, it's reversible, too. :D

Blossom is definitely more "zen" than her sister, and her color palette was chosen to reflect that difference.

Blossom is also made from fleece, felt, and cottons. Flowers are blossoming on her, and she also has leaves sprouting on her arms and legs.

I will be at the opening of the show tonight (5-9pm at Schmancy Toys) and I will take tons of photos of all the amazing work created for the show, promise. :D

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Edward said...

These are totally incredible and adorable..