July 31, 2007

Sam, Pete, and Chloe take a trip to Calgary, Canada

Mitch kept inviting Sam and Pete to visit him up in Calgary, so they finally decided to take him up on his offer. Chloe tagged along so she could see the Saddledome, home rink of her favorite hockey team, the Flames. A great time was had by everyone on the vacation, but Sam and Chloe wished that it hadn't been so scorching hot the whole time they were there! When they arrived, the Stampede was already over, but Mitch took them around to see the grounds and the Saddledome anyway. Mitch also took them out into the mountains at Elbow Falls for a hike and a BBQ, but Pete forgot the camera, so no pics. Chloe did some shopping, and they all toured around downtown Calgary, stopping to hear a free concert at Olympic Plaza, and have their picture taken by the Canadian Suffragette statues. It was an excellent visit, and the three hope to go back in the winter to take in a Flames game and see some snow. Thanks for a great visit Mitch!

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