August 2, 2007

More photos of the trio's trip to Calgary

Pictures taken at the top of Scotchman's Hill in Calgary, overlooking the Saddledome and the Stampede grounds. This hill is prime real estate to watch the fireworks on Canada day (July 1st) and during the Stampede. The gang is also taking a break from the heat under a tree along the Bow River, one of 2 rivers that wind through the city. Other photos taken at Olympic Plaza with the Suffragette statue.


Jeff Harter said...

Leanna, this is a fun site! Love theses little guys as tour guys for my other favorite country, CANADA! Now that we live in Cleveland (the city that ROCKS) we visited the Canadian side of Niagra Falls.

Bob and Doug MacKenzie, RUSH, and Leanna Butcher, 3 examples of the greatness that can come from Canada!!!


Leeanna Butcher said...


Thanks for the comment, glad you like the guys! There will definitely be more coming. They're really fun to design and make. I'm more of a Tragically Hip & Barenaked Ladies fan than a Rush one though! (I think they were before my time...) :)

Rock on in Cleveland with the family.