June 11, 2008

Another mystery...

I can't post anything for the OTHER mystery project yet, and I can't show any of the sketches for THIS project yet either, but I have to be able to post SOMETHING! :) I figure this won't really give it away. I couldn't find fabric that would work for this piece, so I decided I would have to make my own. I had to do 3 different color blocks (this is just one of them), which took me some time. (Basically since my last post.) It's a good thing I took that quilting class in february, I learned how to do strip piecing there. (For all you non-quilters out there, I took 1.5" strips of 5 different fabrics, sewed them together lengthwise, then cut them across in 1.5",2", and 1.25" width strips, then sewed them together lengthwise again, alternating the direction of the strips to give it a checkerboard effect. PHEW!) I have to say it wasn't exactly the most fun part of this project, but I'm glad it's done- it accomplished the effect that I wanted, anyway. Who is it that says we need to suffer for our art? Or is it suffer needlessly? :)

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