June 20, 2008

Enchanted Tiki Room 45th anniversary...

If you're in the Disneyland neighborhood this sunday, I have a large plush wall hanging (30 inches by 60 inches) in the 45th anniversary show. It starts with an artist signing event in the Disneyana Gallery on sunday at 8:30am (which unfortunately I won't be able to make.) and then will be hanging in the Disney theater lobby on Main Street until it either gets sold or the show is over. Let's hope it sells! :) Some of you might remember this piece from my posts last november- and if you want to see the step by step process, check them out. I depicted a couple of the tikis from the outside "waiting area" for the middle and bottom of the totem, and the top guy is a character taken from the interior of the actual Tiki room. Anyway, it was a month long process to get it done, and I can't believe the day of the show is actually here, some 7 months later.
Amanda Visell is the featured artist for this show, and she has some great works for sale! If I could ever figure out how to add links in my post I would add it here, but since I am computer illiterate I can only say to google: "Tiki Room 45th Anniversary Product Release."

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