January 19, 2009

Holiday additions to my Plush collection

I got a cool new dog plush from Ben for part of my Christmas gift. He bought it at an antique store in Michigan. His Aunt's friend told him that it was the mascot for Michigan State College- before they became just Michigan State. They think that he's pretty old, but don't have an exact date. He's made of felt, and had hand painted eyebrows. I LOVE the expression on his face.

The next two are my purchases from Schmancy. We managed to visit the shop over the holidays, and Kristen has some great plush in there- it was all I could do to restrain myself and come away with just these guys. It was a tough decision to narrow it down. Head on over to her online shop to snap up some new plush for your collection and support both Kristen's shop and your fellow plush artists! Down with the CPSIA, and Hooray for plush!!

The fist one is "Schnee Meister" by SOWA. I have a soft spot for "abominable snowman/yeti" designs, and this guy is great!! His face, hands and feet are SO soft. I love the 3D aspects of his face, and his teeth are actually that soft craft foam. Terrific idea.
The next one is "Fat Coco" by We Dream of Meat (great name!) They had 3 different ones to choose from, but Coco had to come home with me. She's made of felt, and her expression just screams "feed me!," but in a cute way of course. The plush addiction- I mean collecting- continues... :D!
Have a great week everyone!


Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Awesome gifties! Love the ones from Schmancy, especially Fat Coco, lol. ;)

Leeanna Butcher said...

Too much good "stuff" at Schmancy, I'm really happy with the ones I came home with! :D