January 28, 2009

New project

So I haven't been slacking, just trying to get back into a rhythm of working after having all that lovely time off. I've been busily sketching up ideas for new plush, and I have a few really fun ones that I'm starting work on. One of them is this project: Eva of "Effunia" asked me to do a "plushcature" of her little sister Karolin, as a gift for her 10th birthday in a couple of weeks. (obviously I must get this to her before the CPSIA goes into effect on the 10th, wouldn't want to be the first one nabbed for violating this totally cracked law...)
Eva's little sister has a ton of personality, she is a fun person to make into plush! I will be posting more pics as I get further along.
Since I made the plush of Ben and myself for our niece's Christmas gift, I've gotten some interest in people asking if they or their family (or pets) can get plushed. I'm definitely up for that, and it is quite a lot of fun! If any of you are interested, feel free to let me know. You can leave me a comment on my blog, or convo me through etsy. I will be putting it up as a feature on my etsy store by the end of the weekend.


Eva said...

hurrah- my sister is going to be super excited when she sees this... she's going to say "i'm famous, i'm famous EVA" very cute!

Thanks again for doing this- it'll be very special!

Leeanna Butcher said...

No problem Eva, it's a pleasure! I look forward to our new droplets in return. :D Karolin sounds like a real character! :)

Rachael Rabbit said...

What a fab idea for a gift ... hopefully the wonky law will sort itself out and we can all order little plushies of ourselves!!

h2o said...


it's me eli, ben's friend from the disney store. i found my way here by way of ben's blog, by way of john quinn's blog, by way of quinn on facebook!
i love your blog and your plush!
i saw your quilt and your comments about it. i quilt too, and also can't stand the need for the precision. i am cursed with the need for immediate gratification which also makes it hard. full size quilts take forever! that's why i got into crib quilts. also i started quilting with paper because i could do the same kind of work on a smaller scale, and it didn't take as long.
are you familiar with the quilts of gee's bend? or denyse schmidt? i'm huge fans of both of these styles. thought you would enjoy, if you aren't already...
love to you and ben!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks for the kind words Rachael Rabbit- and hooray for the "probationary period" for the CPSIA, phew!

eli- so great to hear from you- what a roundabout way of finding our blogs, I guess it's a good thing that Quinn is hip enough to be on facebook! :D Hope that you and the kids are doing well- they must be SO big by now!! I love the quilters of Gee's Bend, and I'm also a big fan of Nancy Crow's work. I'll have to check out Denise Schmidt.
Paper quilting sounds intriguing as well. Now that you've found us, keep in touch okay? :D