April 26, 2009

HM WIP part 2

Okay, so after a really busy week of sewing, here are some more WIP pics. I finished the wallpaper faces, ironed them on, and then went about constructing the door frame and baseboards. I used quilt batting to stuff the framing and baseboards to pop it off the "wall."
After I got them made I cut the floor fabric into strips and pieced them together to look like floorboards. I sewed vertical lines into each row at random intervals to make it look like seams in the floor as well. (Not shown in this pic.) Once that was sewn together I attached it to the bottom of the wall. I sewed down the black fabric for the door interior, and then sewed down the baseboards and the right side and top of the door frame. I have to leave the left side of the frame open to slip the door into place. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take any pictures of the door fabrication, so you'll have to wait to see how it turned out later. :D I used a brown striped corduroy for my "wood" and cut it into panel pieces (changing the direction of the grain to make it look like the wood grain was going in different directions) and then sewed them together. I made a backing for the door, then inserted a piece of quilt batting into the door, and then quilted each panel of the door to fasten the quilt batting down and give the panels more dimension.
The last couple of pictures are my attempt to organize this insanity so that it makes sense when I'm cutting out/sewing the ghosts. With all their transparency, it was the only way I could think of to do it. Sort of a "sew-by-number" process.
Okay, now back to work! Have a great week. :)


Anonymous said...

The creepy crawlies on the wall look awesome!! I think a sew by a number technique is a great idea. I love the various shades of blue overdyes you picked out. This is so exciting!!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Glad you like the way they turned out Tada's! :D I was lucky enough to have a lot of the blues on hand, leftover from another project last year.