July 10, 2009

PT featured artist- Siansburys

Continuing on my series of Plush Team profiles is Sian Hughes of Siansburys sock monkey fame. Sian is truly the queen of all things sock monkey, and if you don't believe me, just take a look at these beauties:

Sians makes amazing monkey versions of film characters and celebrities, (such as Cap'n Jack and Sgt. Pepper John Lennon, above) as well just plain cute monkeys like Spencer, here:

Sian states:
"Siansburys was established as a creative venture when my lifelong love of primates and colourful socks combined in a sock monkey explosion that demolished 90% of my house. Each creation is unique, and each has its own distinct distinct personality. I always love a challenge (and a good laugh!), and so far this has lead to sock monkey portraits of several famous people, comic book heroes and well-known film characters, as well as other members of the sock animal kingdom. Who knows where else it will take us? "

Check out Sian's blog for more amazing creatures, as well as her etsy shop, where she welcomes custom orders. Just wait until tuesday, when you can see Sian's amazing piece for the Stitch Wars Show over on the Plush Team blog.

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