July 8, 2009

Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder of the fantastic upcoming Stitch Wars show at Bear & Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida July 18th.
I will be putting my finished pieces up on my blog on Monday July 13th, and showing all the amazing pieces done by some of the members of the Plush Team over on the PT blog on tuesday the 14th.
Man, do I wish I could be there for the opening! There has been some truly great work done for this show and it would be amazing to see it all in person. Although it's probably better for my wallet that I'm not there... :D

In other news, I won Battle Velcro for the Plush Team Iron Plush challenge with this piece:

Congrats to everyone who participated, and to the Battle winners. You can see all the winning entries as well as the Ultimate Iron Plush winning piece by abbydid over on the PT blog. I can't wait to get my package full of goodies from Yummy Pancake, who organized the challenge.


Jeff Harter said...

Congratulations Leanna for winning the challenge, and good luck with the opening. And tell your hubby to post something new!

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks Jeff! he's working on a bunch of stuff at the moment, so hopefully he'll post something before thanksgiving. :D

Chelle said...

Congratulations! Too bad you didn't win the overall prize - but the pommegranate was one of my favorites too, so at least you got beat out by something equally awesome.

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks Chelle! The pomegranate was awesome. Lucky bum was in the bahamas and photographed it there- we were all jealous. :D