October 1, 2009

Help us save the boobs!

What do these Rabbits have to do with boobs, you may ask? As you all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Plush Team has decided that this month's challenge is to make plush that are boob/breast cancer related. Practically everyone on the Team has been affected in some way by this horrible disease, which is why we are all doing what we can to help.

My two contributions are Hope and Faith Rabbit- both made out of super soft and cuddly fleece and flannel. Hope is wearing the pink ribbon to show her dedication to the cause, while Faith uses her (removable) pink scarf and her all pink ensemble as a more subtle reminder of her dedication.

There are SO MANY awesome pink plush to be had in the team's etsy shop, from the cute and fluffy to the hilariously awesome. And YES, there will be plush boobs available to purchase. :D We're selling all these themed plush to help raise as much moola as we can for the Susan G. Komen Institute for Breast Cancer Research. 80 percent of the proceeds from each sale go directly to the Institute, so please check out the team store or blog and help support this great cause!!

UPDATE: I don't want to take away from the Breast Cancer Fundraising, so I'll just add a big thank you to the ladies that bought Hope and Faith yesterday!!! Thanks so much for your contribution to help search for a cure. You guys rock!! :D There are still plenty of boob-a-licious plush waiting to get snatched up in the team store, so please check them all out.

Oh- and thanks to Angelina of the Daily Reviewer for notifying me of this nice award for my blog (and thanks to those who nominated me!!) I'm honored. Have a great weekend everybody!


The Daily Reviewer said...


Congratulations! Your readers have submitted and voted for your blog at The Daily Reviewer. We compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 toys Blogs, and we are glad to let you know that your blog was included! You can see it at http://thedailyreviewer.com/top/toys

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Angelina Mizaki
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Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Angelina! I'm honored- and thanks so much to the people that nominated me. :D