February 1, 2010


Something new! These are the Clodhoppers. Clodhoppers are a species of bigfoot that are found around the world but remain hidden from humans- most of the time, anyway. :D If you're lucky you may spot one. They LOVE to wear mis-matched socks.
Jessie from Samaria Project asked me to make her a Clodhopper, and it got me thinking that I needed to make more of them. I made the top Clodhopper for her, and then went on to make the rest. Meet Olivia, Henry, and Camille Clodhopper. There will definitely be more Clodhoppers made in the future- I am currently working on some that come from the far Northern regions, who are very furry. If you are interested in having any of the Clodhoppers over to your house for a visit, you can find them in my etsy shop. For more pictures of the Clodhoppers, see my flickr page.

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