March 11, 2010

Easter Basket Giveaway!!!

I haven't done a giveaway in awhile, and since it was fun making these mini bunnies, I thought why not do an Easter Basket? I haven't got anything from the Easter Bunny since I was 7 and dared my Mom that there WAS an Easter bunny- and he WOULD come to our house, so we didn't need to put out any eggs. *SPOILER ALERT!!!* If you don't want to know how this story ends, scroll down to the area where I tell you the rules for the contest. :)

I was pretty pissed the next morning when I saw that there were no eggs hidden, nor any candy or baskets- meaning I was wrong and the Easter Bunny was just something made-up. It totally sucks when your childhood illusions get shattered. My mom had gotten us Easter Baskets anyway, so it salvaged the day somewhat, but I lost the first bit of my childhood innocence that morning. We managed to hang on to the Easter Bunny for a few more years for my little sister to enjoy, but it was never the same for me after that. Can I just say that growing up sucks?! :D So, if you're like me and haven't had an Easter basket in awhile, why not enter and get some goodies in the mail?

Here's what the lucky winner will receive:

One hand-made yellow mini bunny by yours truly :)
One package of pink peeps candy
One glittery "Easter" sign
One package of Easter stickers
One green M&Ms filled easter egg
One Easter bunny pez dispenser
One fluffy yellow chick
One chick-in-egg plastic cookie cutter
One yellow pinwheel
And the basket, of course. :D

the Rules:

Starting today through midnight pacific on Sunday the 21st of March you have a few ways to enter:

Just visit my etsy shop and leave a comment on this post with your favorite item. Be sure to include an e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

But wait, you can get even MORE chances to win!

Become a Meet Sam and Pete blog follower. If you're a new follower, leave a comment and let me know that you joined. If you're already following me, let me know that too, and you'll score one extra entry!

Tweet or facebook this giveaway. Make sure to give a link to your tweet/facebook in the comments to get ONE extra entry.

Blog this giveaway. For an extra TWO entries, tell folks about this giveaway in your blog. Please make sure to use one of my Easter Basket photos in your post and leave me a link to get your entries.

Buy something from my etsy shop!. Get another FIVE chances to win by making a purchase from my shop. Don't forget to let me know which new piece of plush is now your very own. :D

I will put all your names in a hat and have my Other Half pick one winner on Monday, March 22nd. Don't forget to leave me your contact info so that I can tell you when you win!! Good luck everyone!


Shari said...

This is too cute! I love the bunny! Hope I win!!!

scrumptious delight said...

I would love to win this...such a cute bunny, I am now following your blog...why wasn't I following before??

ricebabies said...

I love Easter baskets. I hearted your shop, favorited the blue bunny (my fav color).

Ellen Ault said...

I'm following, have been admiring your work for a while!

Ellen Ault said...

I absolutely adore Goldilocks and the Three bears. The way you put the bears together is just a brilliant idea!

Raggy Rat said...

im already a follower,

and i facebooked the giveaway here

and on my raggy page here

and tweeted here

and i faved the funky blue goat in your shop coz i love him !

cat xxxxx

Katreader said...

Hi! I just discovered you thanks to Raggy Rat. I'm now a follower and you're in my list of Blogs I Read at my site:
I'll try figure out how to facebook you and properly blog about you soon. LOL. I especially like the expression of the blue mini bunny. Also, so sorry about your blighted Easter past. Growing up does indeed suck!

Katreader said...

I forgot to say, I do agree with Raggy Rat about Billy Goat Gruff, but I think my favorite is Vacation Hannah in her sarong! Too cute!

Yummy Pancake said...

How awesome! Those little rabbits are just too cute! I love everything that you do...the spider you just did was awesomeness, the king and queen of hearts were awesomeness, etc....but my favorite thing is the plushcatures you do! You are just one big ball of talent ^_^

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

I've been a fan for a while but just added myself as a follower :-) My favorite item in you shop definitely has to be the Little Match Stick Girl. She's been on my Etsy favorites for some time now!

I facebooked your giveaway ==>!/kcfitch?ref=profile and I'm headed over to my blog to give you a shout out next ==>

P.S. You already have my email address ;-)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Very cute! I like Carmen Clodhopper...just for the name lol.

I miss Easter baskets too. I make them for the kids but it isn't the same as having one made for you!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

New follower here and in your shop :)

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

very cute love your stuff..
New follower here and also heard about you from Itsy Bitsy spider..
I had a hard time choicing a favorite in your shop but ill have to say its Goldi Locks and the 3 Bears Plush...

Anna said...

Ooh... all so cute! I'm loving the lavender spring bunny. Such talent you have!!! What an adorable basket!

Crossing my fingers... :-)

p.s. I subscribe to your blog now!

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

opps forgot to add my email

Shooting Stars Mag said...

the custom lovebirds are so adorable!! what a fun giveaway.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Shanny said...

Of course I love the pink mini bunny-- too sweet. I also love Carmen Clodhopper.

Great giveaway and great etsy shop!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

scrumptious delight said...

I think my fave in your shop has to be Carmen Clodhopper...just love those socks!

mountainweaver said...

Your Billy Goat is awesome! That is by far my fave. Oh, to win an Easter basket would be wonderful! Thanks

Dennise Rodriguez said...

Hi Chica! Why wasn't I following your blog before?! I love your stuff! In your shop my favorite guys is the Blue Billy Goat. I like that is smart and likes classics. ;) Keep up the good work!

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks everyone for entering so far- and for all the kind words about my plush! :D I wish you all good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Curly Malone is a definite favourite of mine, I saw him a few days ago and was totally head over heels