March 2, 2010

One Lucky Clodhopper!

If you haven't seen a Clodhopper before, the Clodhoppers are a species of Bigfoot that are rarely seen by humans. Each Clodhopper loves to wear mis-matched socks.

Seamus Clodhopper lives in the hills and dales of Ireland. Seamus is very proud of his Irish heritage, and always wears a shamrock in its honor. Although a little easier to spot than a leprechaun, it took a lot of coaxing to get Seamus to pose for these pictures. Even though Seamus loves Ireland, he is very excited to visit other places around the globe. Won't you invite Seamus over for a visit and get some of that luck of the Irish? ;)

Seamus is one of my first attempts at a "furry" plush, with more to come! His fur is really soft and huggable- and his face, feet, and hands are made of really soft flannel.

Since St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, some members of the Plush Team decided to create some lucky plush, you can see Seamus and his pals over at the Plush Team etsy shop. This is just the first wave in a year-long series of holiday themed items that will be dropping into the Team's shop- so stay tuned!

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