August 21, 2010

2 great Cities, 2 great shows

Looking for something to do this weekend? If you live in (or near) Seattle or San Francisco, you could check out either of these two great art shows and you wouldn't be disappointed, let me tell you.

Let's start with Seattle. Head on over to Schmancy Toys and enjoy the Scrumdiddlyumptious show, featuring the amazing work of my good friend and AMAZING fellow plush artist, Scrumptious Delight. She is a genius with fabric, and here are just a few of the wonderful pieces you can see at the show. I am seriously coveting the Gumball machine!

You can now buy these pieces online at the Schmancy Toys shop, if you are interested. You'd better beat me to the Gumball Machine! :D


On to the great city of San Francisco! Now showing at Giant Robot, "Hot Pink Fuzz" is a three woman show featuring the fantastic art of Snaggs, Miss Muju, and monyomonyo.

Cereal boxes by Snaggs:

Giant and Small Mujus by Miss Muju:

Mask by monyomonyo:

artwork for this show is now online at the Giant Robot website.

I don't want to give any more of the art away, and it's really hard not to- but trust me when I tell you that both of these shows are really worth seeing in person if you can swing it. The work from each artist really sucks you in and makes you take the time to REALLY look and try to figure out how they did what they did. I was at the opening of "Hot Pink Fuzz" last weekend and got to meet Snaggs, who was the artist that brought that show together. She's extremely nice and super-talented, and the work that these 3 artists have made for this show is really inspiring. So get on up and drag your bones down to see these talented artist's works- it's absolutely worth it.

If you can't make it to either of the shows, you can check out photos of each show on Snagg's and Scrumptious Delight's flickr pages.

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