September 27, 2010

Monster Girls and some bats

One last Halloween post for awhile! :D

Meet Fran K. Stein. Fran was named one of Monster Magazine's "Most Appealing Monsters of 2010." When not at her day job as a Public Relations mogul at "Stein, Wolf, and Dracula" Fran likes to relax at her home raising Venus Flytrap plants.
I had a ton of fun making Fran, with her asymmetrical haircut, mis-matched sized limbs, patchy skin, and her hand-embroidered stitches. I figured that since last Halloween was all about the boys, this year there needed to be some girl monster power.

Next, we have Vivian Vampire. A cousin of Victor and Vittorio, she teaches nocturnal gardening at the local Vampire Academy. She likes to rock her favorite spider web boots to show the world that teachers are cool, too.
Vivian comes with her own removable and reversible cape. Picking out fabrics for Vivian took awhile, but eventually I found the combination of patterns that worked for what I had in mind.

I decided to make some more Vampire Bats, and this time I made some mini versions to mix it up a bit. :)

I have uploaded my new Halloween plush to my etsy shop, and if you want to see more photos of all my plush, head on over to my flickr page. Have a great week!