February 16, 2011

Plush Collecting... Again

When I saw that Mary of ArtTales/LEFTZ was creating a whole line of dinosaur plush, I was excited. The fact that she started making adorable Stegosaurus plush was more than I could handle. I HAD to have one, and this guy with his green accents just called my name as soon as I saw him. Besides just being a great plush artist, Mary makes all her plush out of completely up-cycled and recycled materials, right down to the stuffing. She uses plastic bags to stuff her creations, and my stegosaurus alone helped to recycle 24 bags. How cool is that? This guy is made from an old wool suit jacket, which gives him a fantastic herringbone pattern and texture, which I love. I just had to have some fun taking photos of my new addition, and if it wasn't raining outside I would have photos of him in the garden. Next time.

If you haven't checked out any of Mary's great plush before, you should wander over to her etsy shop and have fun browsing through all the great stuff she has there, and who knows? You may just have to get your own wonderful up-cycled ArtTales/LEFTZ plush. I'm warning you in advance- once you have one, you'll want more! I'm already thinking that my Stego needs a brother or sister... ;)

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