October 5, 2011

Mister Bones

Mister Bones here was made for the Day of the Dead Group Art Show at the Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo, Michigan. The show opens October 7th and runs until November 3rd.

It was a lot of work appliqueing all the arm/leg bones on both front and back, and he also has a lot of subtle sparkly white felt sugar skull accents on his skull, which were hard to pick up in the photographing process- hopefully you can somewhat make them out here. I wanted him to read first as a skeleton, and then on closer inspection you see the sugar skull details.

I had found this great sugar skull fabric last Halloween, and I knew that someday I would find a use for it, and this show became the perfect time to use it. I also had some fun adding color with ric-rac and strings of pompoms, and I finished him off with a colorful sombrero and lapel flower.

If you are in the Michigan area, check out the show- there has been a lot of great work created for it. If you head on over to Ben's blog, he'll be posting his amazing paper collage piece for the show soon. It was really great to be in the same show- and I think it helped us create some really fun pieces.