October 13, 2011

Woo Hoo, Plush You!

Here are my pieces for the show, opening at Schmancy Toys in Seattle tomorrow night! I wish that I was going to the opening, since it's an amazing show, and it's always a blast to hang out and talk shop with my plush peeps, but it's just not to be this year.

I was inspired by the idea of taking some classic Hollywood Monsters and adding my own spin to them. Here's the result:

The Surfer Creature from the Black Lagoon:

He's made from a mottled and hairy green wool felt, with cotton accents, corduroy swim trunks, and hand embroidered patches of scales, as well as his gills and his ribs. The surfboard is made from patterned cottons, and has a quilt-batting wrapped piece of cardboard inside, to make it stiff but also somewhat soft at the same time.

And Rockabilly Dracula: 

He's made from faux-leather, denim, cotton, and fleece. I had a lot of fun creating a removable wallet on a chain for his back pocket, as well as doing all the applique on the back of the jacket. He's ready to jump into his '57 T-bird convertible and cruise the scene.

 If you are in the Seattle area and have a chance, go and check out the show- it's always full of fantastic plush art to see (and buy ;D) and great people to meet and hang out with.