December 7, 2011

New plush for the holidays

I didn't have as much time to make all the plush ideas I wanted to make for the holidays this year, but I managed to create a few fun pieces, like these Snowman Head Pillows,

 and these 2 sets of holiday Bears, of which only the set of the Green Bear and mini Red Bear are left in the shop.

 I added the Gingerbread Circus Clown to the shop- he was in the Plush Team's Group show at the HotPop Gallery in Milwaukee earlier this year,

and of course you can find the Mini-Yetis hanging out, enjoying the wintry weather and looking for new homes and new friends to have adventures with,

and there's always the group of Holiday Rabbits that would be happy to be sent off to explore new places this winter, as well.

I'm working madly on new things for a great cause and some items for a great customer at the moment, and when I am done, I'll be sure to post the results of all my sewing frenzy right here, so stay tuned! :D

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