November 29, 2011

Langdon Family Plushcatures

Wondering what I have been up to lately? ;D I was commissioned to make these plush for my good friend Abby's birthday last week, and it was a total blast transforming her family into their plush selves. Here are the real Langdons:

And here are their plush counterparts, starting with the birthday girl:

Abby loves purple and turquoise, and wears tunics and leggings most of the time. I chose this starry fabric to represent her sparkling personality as well as her love of all kinds of purple. She wears her Uggs a lot as well, so I made some in a purple corduroy. I hand embroidered the eye details on all of the family, it seemed to fit them better than felt ones.

Next we have her husband, Jason:

He wanted me to make him in a blazer and t-shirt, with the t-shirt having the bunny logo of Abby's plush company as the graphic element, and the t-shirt is made from an up-cycled t-shirt. He wears his Chucks a lot, so I added those as his shoes. His blazer is made out of wool.

Their son, Brody:

I was asked to create a Lego t-shirt for Brody, and to put him in jeans and black shoes. Both Brody and Jason have two functional pockets on the back of their jeans, too.  Teeny tiny pockets, but still pockets. ;D

Last but not least, we have their daughter, Kalli:

Kalli loves the color pink, so I chose a fun graphic pink printed cotton for her t-shirt, a pink and green polka dot for her leggings, and a light pink for her crocs. She likes to wear tutus, so I made my very first one (and did it right the first try- woohoo!) out of a bright sparkly chiffon-type fabric. She also always wears a barrette or pin to hold back her hair, so I created one out of a couple of pink flower shaped buttons and some green felt leaves to bring in the green from her shirt and leggings. She also has sparkly green rick-rack trim around her sleeves. Can't get enough sparkle at her age. ;D

Here they are as a family:

Happy Birthday to you, Abby! It was wonderful to be a part of your birthday celebration this year. :D


emily b said...

Leeanna, I still can't get over how fantastic these are. You are my idol!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Emily- you're too kind! :D