November 8, 2011

Corduroy lovers unite!

This Friday is 11l11l11, which if you are a member of the Corduroy Appreciation Club (or simply a devotee to corduroy) is known as the date most resembling corduroy. In honor of the big day, the NYC chapter of the Club is having a HUGE sold-out event, and the Plush Team was asked to make 11 pieces of corduroy plush to be included in the festivities. If you've been following the Plush Team's blog this month you know all about it and the 11 days of corduroy; each day featuring one of the awesome corduroy-inspired pieces created for the event. I am a big fan of corduroy myself, so it was no problem to be inspired to create a plush using the "everyman's" fabric. :D
Here it is:

"Woody Allen, Corduroy Enthusiast"

I chose to make Mr. Allen because he is a lifelong ambassador for corduroy wearers everywhere. It is rare to see photos of him not wearing at least one item of corduroy. (Although I think he's probably more famous for the almost 70 films that he's written, directed and/or starred in. :D) For my piece, I wanted to keep in mind the Club's rules: each member has to wear at least 2 items of corduroy to the meetings. So, my version of Woody Allen has on a corduroy blazer as well as pinwale (baby corduroy) trousers.

 He is also wearing a oh-so-soft flannel sweater, with cotton collared shirt. I wanted to make sure to add the elbow pads on the back of his blazer, and his oxford-inspired shoes are made with ultrasuede and faux-leather soles.

If you are interested in giving Mr. Allen a new home, my piece will be available for sale in the Plush Team's etsy shop  starting Thursday November 10th, along with all the other cordurrific plush made for the CAC event.

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