April 25, 2012

Mermaid Ariadne

Something new for my etsy shop- say hello to Ariadne.

Ariadne loves to challenge her fellow mermaids and mermen to races- she's one of the fastest mermaids in her part of the ocean. She is hoping to qualify for the Mermaid World Championship Races this summer.

I have wanted to make a mermaid plush for a long time, and I finally got the time and the inspiration to do it. It took me awhile to get a sketch that I liked, and this is the result. Her scales are made from layers of felt, both wool felt and regular felt- it took quite some time to cut them all out and sew them down, let me tell you. I'm happy with the way that they turned out, so it was worth the time. :)

She's now available in my etsy shop, if you'd like to read more about her and see more photos. :D


Molly said...

I love her circular shape. She looks very happy with her cute little belly button.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Molly! :D