April 27, 2012

Still Life: Afternoon Tea

I created this piece for the Plush Team's March/April challenge. The theme of the challenge was The Artful Stitch: Plush Art, and we could chose to either make a still life or a self portrait.

I decided to try something new and break out the wool roving and my needle felting kit. Everything you see here is needle felted by hand. It was a ton of fun trying something new, and the colors of roving that I had just called out to be made into a plate of macaroons (Mmmmm macaroons ;D), and the rest followed.

You can see the rest of the Team's creations on the Team's Facebook page, and they will also be available for sale in the Team's etsy shop starting today.

Don't forget to enter my Catwoman Rabbit giveaway- you have until Saturday to enter if you haven't already. :D


Marilenn@MbyAlcantara.com said...

Hi Leanna!

I love, love, love this tea set you made! Tempted to buy it for myself :D

Stopping by from the East Bay SF Etsy group!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Marilenn! :D