January 7, 2013

A New Year, and new plush for my collection

Happy 2013 everyone!
I am busy getting my studio re-organized and tidied up, so I don't have any new plush created to show you yet, but here are a few of the newer pieces that I've added to my collection just before the holidays. You might say these were gifts to myself. ;D

This is "Fuming Flames" by the awesome Lana Crooks. He doesn't look too happy to be in my collection, but he'll get over it, eventually.

Here is the "Masked Monster Bandit" by the talented and eco-friendly Sweet Poppy Cat.  He is so cuddly and I love the way that she makes the legs. He's made from upcycled cashmere and wool sweaters.

This cool creature is a "Woodland Friend" from the lovely Let's Be Friends. The fabric combination on this guy is awesome, and I love the feathers and his expression.

Of course, my family also surprised me with some amazing new plush for Christmas, and as soon as I get them photographed, I will share them with you all.
I hope to get back to the sewing machine in a few days time, so stay tuned for new Plush Goodness in the coming weeks!


Molly said...

How fun to see the Masked Monster Bandit! Sweet Poppy Cat is my sister. It's amazing to think that she's made almost a thousand critters now. Every one is unique. I never get tired of seeing them.

Leeanna Butcher said...
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Leeanna Butcher said...

How fantastic, Molly! What a small world. I love your sister's creations, they are just wonderful. :D