March 8, 2013

Icarus for Baby Icarus

I was asked to re-create one of my favorite plush, Icarus, for a couple who are having a baby boy named Icarus. I loved making Icarus the first time around, when it was for the Plush Team's Mythology Challenge, and making him a second time was just as fun, if not more.  This new Icarus will be hanging on the wall of Baby Icarus' nursery, which is awesome!

Due to the quick turnaround I had to make and ship him, I didn't have time for more polished photos, but you get the idea:

Here he is without wings:

And with his wings attached:

I'll be taking a hiatus from my blog and etsy shop as Plush Goodness headquarters moves to its new and exciting location: more on that in a few weeks! :D

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