February 23, 2013

Claudine Clodhopper

As promised, here is the plush that I made for the awesome AC of Hibou Designs for the Plush Team's Mardi Gras themed Secret Santa swap.

Meet Claudine Clodhopper:

The Clodhoppers are a species of BigFoot that love to wear mis-matched socks. Claudine is a big fan of Mardi Gras, and gets out her mask and fleur de lis brooch every year, along with her beads and coins, and heads out to have fun with her friends.

She is made from a super soft and cuddly shaggy plush minky, which makes her great for snuggling with. The mask is removable and made out of felt, with gold trim and feathers - it's not Mardi Gras without feathers, right? ;)

You can find a few of Claudine's cousins hanging around in my etsy shop- they are eagerly waiting to go off on new adventures. :)

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