January 23, 2014

A New Year begins...

A belated Happy New Year! It's been a good start to 2014 so far, with some actual personal time(!) to sit back and relax, read some books and watch some movies, and chart the year ahead for myself and my plush-making. January is always a weird month, as I find myself wanting to create new things, but also struggling with some burn-out and the need to re-charge the creative batteries. That's where the movies and books come in, as well as visiting museums, it gets my creative juices flowing again.

After all that re-charging I'm back at work making some new plush: for a commission, and for the Plush Team traditional January swap, as well as finishing up a late Christmas gift for one of my nieces. This is the Minecraft pillow that I created for my game-obsessed niece, and thankfully she loved it! You can see the process in a few photos:

The pillow is made from fleece, with wool felt accents. It took me while to get all those letters cut out and sewn on, but it was worth it. :)

Right now I'm in the process of creating my piece for the PT swap, which has a Valentine's Day motif; as well as sketching out the pattern for my latest commission- also due by Valentine's Day. More on those two projects later...

2014 is going to be a fun and busy year for me, and my first big event is sharing a booth at Emerald Con in Seattle at the end of March with the awesome Kristen of Schmancy Toys! It's going to be fun but a lot of work getting ready for this show, so I'm starting now. I hope to keep my blog updated more often this year, and that should be easy with the amount of stuff I am planning on creating in the next few months… fingers crossed! ;D

Have a great rest of January, and I'll be back with more updates soon!

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